Rambo: The Musical - (Stallone) "You Not Expendable"

....in the U.K. this is called a good pisstake!


win the future

With a little help from the space race and the story of the Chilean miners, President Obama appealed to Americans last night to “win the futurewith the wholesale reinvention of their economy for the age of global competition.


mailart to Jennifer Kosharek

Kesselhaus 3 Trailer (cle|̷|ve e le 'r)

cle|Å|ve e le ‘r

osiris trending ciphers dressed to fork pie

when so sue did her .- I wasn’t there.

a slick yes went .- pass appurged mentions

fell beyond any furniture appeared as “in between

her fellow traveling had arrived the infamous end unprepared to unleash the machine threatened

as wreaks became time put to pulp pillows.

he wasn’t aware, he also had been invited to be held as fruit table growing hair through eyes

‘spricKst do awK DeutSH’ I celled my nails, but as mentioned we had no chance to meet the deadline

as timelines dumped the scene.

cle|Å|ve e le ‘r we so un-sued sueded gesproken



we named the label by it’s thread

folders tried to capture emotional trends

unfolded senses made good glitter watching the gap playing guitars with one eyelash.

fur operating systems made me comfy dropping my pants spelling the task.

behind the curtain they smiled like cans throwing up the bubble towards the trains.

hammered the drum the speed absorbed my tempo, BPM weren’t of count anymore.

heart covered threshold of explosions at char existence-

repetitions flunked her name.

wouldn’t you know, s/(the twisted matter) of the meaning behindknowledge

i’s see simple eye see only see do we what with thee

snoring doors waiting to enter the room with your opinion NOT

give this young man no signal!

i will die in front of your bed grasping for vegetables watching them cum all, she expelled to me.

as she always was trustworthy to my perception matters, it made me feel guilty- though I had to do it.

for the unrecorded way, to say yes, it was made to become walked by no temper controlled plastic fear

rather through exhibiting the point no; by enthusiasm trended purses being take away for gone.

hairy availables s s stays as treasure of the post scalp becoming her truth

am I depressed again by your matter

al mater

sometimes I spit your food ad absuRdum

lacquer dante we laugh remakeabre abreham

mother & child construction site you stink

father child & also sites stink

smell once the kruid of them 3 had visions, may you please clean the seat.

while eating potatoes and tv spoons remember I hard pressure steel my teeth

come on a high-heel knowledge, don’t spend time, – waste it as youRs!

cle|Å|ve e le ‘r

threaten your region beltbuckle nose scanner I care alone,

er I meant I die alone being not funny-

think of the number under your foot it out a spelled the put on chen woe

political art, I heard talking about growth? playing serious, but not the game

it has no mum, what your forehead you call you mean I think nrw zoo come withtakewith

whatever that’s not the circle of terror, it is a toothpick on rage!

but what did I expect? I wasn’t being walking the line been me lining back on hands walks.

illegal donations underpants can’t count on you, when is the time passing seconds?

not even realizing my pen fighting flags of glorious sticks of magick respiration flats

notes spilled the whistle to the wall, chants of color became echoes as mirrors dressed to leave-

they saw you talking a long chat

sitery sitetree psyhfree psycherfy butcher spare free ribbed shirts barberCUE the tape

rewind call phunderella to step on toes while whispering names as telephone signals

,..: I don’t want to tell on you, but last sun you gave me a moon wasn’t like stars do it


International Email Audio Art Project by Hal McGee

The Homemade Music Movement has grown from the roots of the Mail Art Movement, and in order to pay due respect and acknowledge these origins, I propose an international EMAIL audio art project in which contributors will send to me a one-minute miniature audio work in mp3 format (plus visual works if desired) attached to an email. These works will be published together in volumes online. Guidelines for contributing below.

I have now published five volumes totaling 300 one-minute contributions by international audio artists.

Volume 1 of the International Email Audio Art Project

featuring tracks from these 60 artists:
Totem Mold Growth (USA), Pregnant Spore (USA), NXP (Norway), Jack Hertz (USA), Maarten van der Vleuten (The Netherlands), Goh Lee Kwang (Malaysia), Lubrication (Republic of Qazingulaza), Deerpark (USA), Rubbish (USA), Massimo Magee (Australia), Screwtape (Australia), Post Mortem (The Netherlands), The One Hitters (USA), Tullio DeSantis (USA), Kyle Willey (USA), Tokyo Sleep Police (England), Filthy Turd (England), Cranial Drill (USA), Jazznoize (Spain), kx - second lost puppy revolte (Germany), Ronny Wærnes (Norway), Sarah June (USA), RP Collier (USA), Zebra Mann (USA), Daniel Prendiville (Ireland), Clutter (UK), The Beautiful Room is Empty (USA), Seth Horvitz (USA), YMMV (UK), Torstein Wjiik (Norway), Enstruction (USA), Charles Rice Goff III (USA), Kristian Day (USA), Scissor Shock (USA), chefkirk (USA), Jeremy Gluck (UK), gintas k (Lithuania), BBBlood (UK), Kristof Lauwers (Belgium), Dave Fuglewicz (USA), Lord Litter (Germany), premo-vs-the world (USA), Hybrid Frequency (Colombia), Anton Mobin (France), MaCu (Austria), Jerk Kerouac (Malaysia), David Wampole (USA), Sean T Wright aka StaticJack (UK), Daniel Steffey (USA), Brian Green (USA), Buzzsaw & The Shavings (USA), Violence and the Sacred (Canada), Nux Vomica (USA), Otto von Rhinau (France), Y.D.B. (Belgium), Cheapmachines (UK), Snagus Fanglebush (USA), Otolathe (USA), Douglas Burkett (USA), My Brother Daniel (USA).

It is possible to download all of the titles at once in a zip file. In the upper left corner of each IEAAP Volume page there is a link that says VBR Zip. Click on that link and you can download the entire compilation to your computer.

Volume 2 of the International Email Audio Art Project

featuring tracks from these 60 artists:
Adrian Carter (UK), Zilbread (USA), PBK (USA), R. Stevie Moore (USA), Fernando Bocadillos (Argentina), FLAtRich - Rich La Bonté (USA), Murmurists (England), Heather Perkins (USA), Le Scrambled Debutante (USA), Instagon (USA), Combat 23 (Czech Republic), Rick Tarquinio (USA), Sean T. Wright (UK), Kevin John Henry Lewis (USA), Travis Johnson (USA), Gary Pig Gold (USA), Nebulagirl (USA), Klimperei (France), Subversive Intentions (USA), Yannick Franck (Belgium), Barbershop - Concrete Project (France), _whALe_pLAtE_ (USA), Dave Wright (USA), Eric Boivin (Canada), Otolathe (USA), The Preschool (USA), Ryan Jordan (UK), Arvo Zylo (USA), Obozdur (Russia), M.Stactor (Canada), Andrew Mascardi (USA), Gryphée (France), Zanstones (USA), Regosphere (USA), Rolna (Hungary), Loup-Garou (USA), nundata (Serbia), undRess Béton (Germany), M.Nomized (France), Dooks/Cazal (UK), Anders Östberg (Sweden), Hieronimo Air Fat (USA), Minimal Frank (Canada), Vladimir Markov (Russia), Ed Wayne Lefski (Germany), Adrian Beentjes (USA/UK), Rosso Merda (Italy/USA), Julia LaDense (USA), Martial Bécheau (France), Jim Ivy (USA), Simon Whetham (UK), Bret Hart (USA), Brandon Ross/Lord Masque (USA), Half An Abortion (UK), John Wiggins (USA), The Evolution Control Committee (USA), Andrew Dalio (USA), Will Soderberg (USA), Hal McGee (USA), Dedali (Italy).

Volume 3 of the International Email Audio Art Project

featuring tracks from these 60 artists:
Jan Kees Helms (The Netherlands), Crank Sturgeon (USA), Herr Penschuck (Germany), Soliton (UK), dim (USA), Buzzsaw & The Shavings (USA), Pedlax (USA), MC Trashpedal (USA), Sanair (France), Zebra Mu (UK), Carlos Ramirez (USA), Bryan Lewis Saunders (USA), Dan Reaves (USA), Seiei Jack (Japan), Dami-1 (Brazil), Clark Lunberry (USA), Jeremy Gluck and Andrew Stephens (UK/Canada), Filthy Turd (UK), Dog Hallucination (USA), Dave Fuglewicz (USA), Jan-M. Iversen (Norway), Hadnam (UK), The O.D.M (UK), resonan (The Netherlands), undRess Béton (Germany), Tree (USA), Michael Carrier (USA), TDOTEP (UK), Clay Gold (Macau, China), The Noisettes (USA), [MAN:SHA] France, The Offal Chimps (UK), La Iglesia de Abigail (Chile), Phil Monopolka (Latvia), Alan Rammer & The Abortions (UK), Noise Research (UK), Igloo Martian (USA), Kris Gruda (USA), The Horse Cock Kids (Germany), Mr Piggy Popp (France), Dada Action Group (US/Switzerland), Zacarias Malden (Chile), Yoshihiro Kikuchi (Japan), Anton Mobin (France), Hand Job Noizetalgik (Belgium), Montreal Nintendo Orkestar (Canada), Nils Rostad (Norway), The Uh... (USA), Wehwalt (France), John David Eriksen (USA), David Wampole (USA), Ben Presto (Germany), Ken Clinger (USA), Jos Smolders (Netherlands), Don Haugen (USA), Mouse and Sequencers (Italy), will soderberg (USA), Five Finger Discount (USA), Corporal Robot Lips (USA), Eli Elliott (USA).

Volume 4 of the International Email Audio Art Project

featuring tracks from these 60 artists:
Simon Langdon (UK), André Pissoir (Germany), Jeremy Gluck (UK), Richard Knight, (UK), Otto von Rhinau (France), Lux Pogo (USA/UK/Germany), kx - second lost puppy revolte (Germany), Origami Boe (Canary Islands/Spain), Tree (USA), Microwave Windows (USA), Zebra Mann (USA), Let's Fight! (USA), Zis kil & Wehwalt (France), Hal McGee (USA), Whitey Alabastard (USA), Kalendar (UK), Doug Michael (USA), Brook Hinton (USA), Tainted Corrosive Mist (Germany), Rolna (Hungary), Penis Culture (USA), Cementimental (UK), The Digitariat (UK), Flesh For Frank (Canada), Jack Hertz (USA), Kathy Burkett (USA), audi0d3ath (UK), Lezet (Serbia), La Cosa Preziosa (Italy), Deerpark (USA), Petar Alargic (Serbia), Don Sigal & Pat Cooksey (USA), Insomniatic Narcoleptic (USA), Creek Bats (USA), Travis Johnson (USA), Arno Peeters (The Netherlands), kirchenkampf (USA), Matthew Sforcina (USA), Allan Zane (USA), Free Jazz Alienation (USA), Anton Mobin (France), Seiei Jack (Japan), Ben Presto (Germany), Stupid Opium (USA), Tullio DeSantis (USA), Plato and the Western Tradition (USA), Jim Ivy and Tree (USA), Violence and the Sacred (Canada), The Subliminator (USA), Zilmrah (USA), Old Vulgarizer (USA/UK), Secktor 7g (USA), Murmurists (UK), Trance Industrial Toy Orchestra (Germany), The Fungus Moth (UK), Mystery Hearsay (USA), John Wiggins (USA), Adriva (Russia), Naked Triangle Project (USA), Eli Elliott (USA).

Volume 5 of the International Email Audio Art Project

featuring tracks from these 60 artists:
Ghoul Poon (USA), Jiblit Dupree & Trotsky’s Watercooler (USA), staplerfahrer (Netherlands), Simon Langdon (UK), Michael Thomas Jackson (USA), Fatale (USA), The Implicit Order (USA), j.thelonious (USA), Young Egypt (USA), Nick Robinson (UK), Syringes' Feast (France/Germany), Bryan Lewis Saunders & Jaan Patterson (USA/Germany), Ray Carmen & Ken Clinger (USA), Mikhail Lezin (Russia), dsmatter (Russia), Rolna & Hal McGee (Hungary/USA), Lezet & Hal McGee (Serbia/USA), Fernando Bocadillos (Argentina), undRess Béton (Germany), Jim Ivy, Josh Boutwell, and Hal McGee (USA), Bryan Lewis Saunders & Anton Mobin (USA/France), Bryan Lewis Saunders (USA), undRess Béton & Hal McGee (Germany/USA), The Noisettes (USA), The Oratory of Divine Love (USA), Inconnu Ictu (Philippines), djozr (USA),Tree (USA), Jackie Crab (UK), Filthy Turd (UK), Yoshihiro Kikuchi & Bryan Lewis Saunders (Japan/USA), Douglas Burkett (USA), Rohypnoise & Anton Mobin (France), Rolna & Jeremy Gluck (Hungary/UK), Otto von Rhinau (France), Jurica Jelic (Croatia), Double Lives (Germany), Planetaldol (France), will soderberg (USA), La Flore Intestinale (Quebec, Canada), Charles Rice Goff III (USA), Seiei Jack (Japan), Igloo Martian (USA), keahota hota (USA), Anton Mobin & kx-second lost puppy revolte (France/Germany), Ian Linter (Portugal), Mr. Welten & 2000-the-GmbH (Germany), auvikogue (Germany), Xarhope (Portugal), premo-vs-the world (USA), Soliton (UK), David Wampole (USA), Corporal Robot Lips (USA), Instagon (USA), Marc McNulty (USA), Kyle Willey (USA), Eric Boivin (Canada), photogenic memory (USA), Whitey Alabastard/Jamison Williams (USA), Hal McGee (USA).

These tracks will be on Volume 6:

Volume 6 is now full and complete! I am now accepting new contributions to the project, which will be on Volume 7 of the project. I strongly encourage collaboration among the project participants. Make contact with each other and make a new track for Volume 7!

01) David Wampole & Dave Fuglewicz

02) Rolna and Jeremy Gluck
Much of You (remix)
Hungary and UK

03) Stupid Opium
The Final Macarena

04) Otolathe and Hal McGee
death panel

05) Kolihapeltis
I Am Merely An Organism; How Can I Possibly Survive In A Universe Which Is Plotting Against Me?

06) Björn Eriksson

07) Buzzsaw & The Shavings
Failing to Affix the Monarchy that Montesquieu Assigned

08) Balogh
Mystical Mix Up

09) Filthy Turd
uxeual uh-buuman

10) Fabián Racca
Saucepan lid music

11) Olga Nosova

12) THF Drenching
Lift Up Lightly The Unstable Barn!

13) Jeremy Gluck & Seiei Jack
I am too shy

14) Ochre Aunt (Steve Fitzpatrick and Brian Horst)
A Waking Dream in Magnesium (Excerpt)

15) Nacht (Dan Hosker + Jay Reeve)
(On A) Drunken Ocean

16) Whitey Alabastard
Change the Channel!

17) Bryan Lewis Saunders
Steel Warrior

18) Tree and Hal McGee

19) Bryan Lewis Saunders, Jeremy Gluck, and Lezet
Key Words (alternate take)

20) Acclimate
On the Edge of Nothing
New Zealand

21) Decoy Jews (Jon Thoresen and Keahota Hota)
Not Sorry

22) PostVerbal (Lee Kwo, Jaan Patterson)
Drawn from the eternal impact

23) Wehwalt
vrombissement d'un pigeon aux faces parallèles

24) François-Emmanuel Fodéré
Indian Flash

25) o.melby
The Naked Smurf

26) Origami Emergencyka

27) Posted Bury (Hopek Quirin, Jaan Patterson)
Plenty of Not

28) stalaktos

29) undRess Béton and Hal McGee
Portable Smiles

30) PBK
Found Objects

31) Otto Von Rhinau & undRess Béton
Chateau Subtelabor

32) djozr
the weight of the billion shadows he casts

33) Bryan Lewis Saunders & Wehwalt
Life is a Runaway Semi-truck part II (short version)

34) Jason Kavanagh
Another Notch on Winter's Bone

35) Carlos Ramirez & Anton Mobin
Urban Myths

36) William Davison & Jaan Patterson
Subterranean Clamor

37) K.A. Pham and Pat Rubbish
Badgers & Buckshots

38) Raw Onion Spin-cycle with Hal McGee
Giraffe-Cock in the next life with confetti.

39) Erick Diego & Jaan Patterson
Eclipse of the words

40) Violet
64 steps of length

41) PBK and Artemis K
How Do You Spell Whore?
USA/New Zealand

42) Corroded Master

43) Dead Wood
Rule Of Thumb

44) Daniel Barbiero
Indigo Grey on Grey

45) Tag Cloud
A Controlled Burn

46) Seiei Jack & Jaan Patterson

47) Jeremy Gluck, Seiei Jack, Jaan Patterson
I want to use your mind
UK, Japan, Germany

48) Ohne Worte (Anthony Donovan & Jaan Patterson)
Agonist Ergo

49) Rohypnoise
Financial Scum

50) Jack Hertz
One Minute from Time Drone

51) Jack Hertz & Quisp Quake
60 Seconds from Black Sunday

52) Tree
three out of four is 58

53) Clutter & undRess Béton
Including Time

54) Sean Monsoon / Hal McGee / Tree
certain of none

55) Runar Magnusson, The Crying Cowboy, Jaan Patterson
On Tip Toes
Denmark, Iceland, Germany

56) John Daly

57) Dave Fuglewicz and Zebra Mann
The Spider Dance

58) J. Dippold
Shimmy Shimmer

59) Promute
Dance of the Tree People

60) Alignak
Brain Train

Project guidelines for contributing:

send an email to haltapes@gmail.com
with the subject Email Audio Art Project
attach to the email one mp3 file of a one-minute (60 seconds exactly) audio work

in the email state this information:

Name of the artist
Title of the audio work
Contact address (email address or website). This address will be published.

Audio works longer than one minute (60 seconds exactly) or less than 30 seconds (a half minute) will be rejected.
Audio works must be in mp3 format. All other formats will be rejected. No WAV, AIF, or WMA files. I will not accept .rar or .zip files. Audio files and artwork files must be attached to the email as separate files.
mp3s should be of the highest quality possible. 44.1 kHz, 320 kbps mp3 recommended.
If possible, please tag your mp3 with track title, artist name, year, and genre. I will enter the album name and track number.

Visual artworks are also being accepted. Visual art must be in jpeg format, and must not exceed 500 KB in size. All formats other than jpeg will be rejected. Send only one visual artwork.

Any and all styles, themes and content will be accepted.

These themes, styles, ideas and keywords are suggested and encouraged: mail art, postal art, correspondence art, collaboration, collage, chance process, DIY, homemade music, experimental music, electronic music, noise, field recordings, cut-ups, lo-fi, lo-tech, circuit bending, hacking, punk folk, compilation, anarcho-libertarianism, art of the everyday, fluxus, dada, surrealism, spoken word, spontaneous poetics, guerilla and street music, uncovering the latent potentials of the Internet for networking, cultural inclusivity and openness and interactivity.

All audio and visual artworks will be published exclusively online at the Internet Archive. As soon as I receive 60 minutes of audio material I will create a special page on the Internet Archive and will publish a volume of the project. Audio and visual works will be added to the project volumes in the order that they are received. Each time that I collect 60 minutes of audio I will publish a new volume.

Individuals are allowed to contribute one solo track OR one track by one of their usual groups on each volume of the project. Contributors are encouraged to make contact with other project participants, and individuals are allowed to contribute up to four collaboration tracks with other project participants per volume.

This project will terminate on April 1, 2011. No contributions will be accepted after that date.

This project was created and is curated by Hal McGee: It is my fondest hope that this project will promote contact, networking, exchange of sounds and ideas among audio artists all over Planet Earth.

please collaborate with a new contact from the project for a future compilation volume!

mailart to Guroga

The Awakening of the Dragon

The Awakening of the Dragon
16" x 20"
Acrylic Paint, Found Images, and Paint Pen on Museum Quality 3/4" Cradled Panel.


Photography is...

Photography is...

another great place for viewing and getting your photos published online

new blog: Exixtere





January 4, 2010

January 4, 2010

Abraxas Journal

Abraxas Journal

Abraxas Journal

Abraxas Journal
Rung Up

the shaded mamatlatlli )ladder ,wet(
crusting up the green wall crumbled
face my lips I licked like blood
blooming in my facial sink your fla
pping comb clatters in the caxiltli
)bowl ,well( I fingered sticky dust in
my ear ,wrung my gate soaked in cloud

Gummy Suit

nostril damage and my plunging neth
er legions from that itchy itchy
ghosty cueva full of directions an in
yollotlli centro teixneloliztl )caca
caótica( rained my mask to know its
T )foggy ,throat( my eeth dragged
up my arm the window opens


churro ,sordo ,solo limado me
puse la gorra de lomo consanguíneo
y respiré la luz de la calle a oscuras
un tropiezo de hamburguesa ,de hule
circular ,de chorros de arena de la
cama del cielo .donde mi sueño
sueña sin calcetín y sin la rodilla
que me rueda escalera abajo don
de un lago escribe y humea

Robot Troy - Flux-object

Robot Troy: (Flux)-object book by Litsa Spathi for MuBe Brasil


par ship


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