The Hidden Persuaders

Children of the night

if by the play and exchange of Nuit and Hadit you meant the fun and debauchery of rose petals

He bit was I said bit by a rabbit
but said the throatly singer with blood and hopes of black makeup all over the globby (it would have been a stage if he believed in them at the time) floor of his mom's basement
Anyway there was also stew to be had
Grandma made the best stew always with the stick stirring just stir stirring about in stirs of stirring

then totaly like oh my god becky totaly said that like and we wer all like
Is our children learning?
Would I am the boss that I could and because the little bee boy said something like Jaan is toasted no thanks to chemicals there will be a Brocken moon tonight

There will always be a Brocken moon tonight
where we swallow the light of Lucifer in his leaning
and welcome the lovely new way of the Stars way
(they say with my hair growing thin, and a floppy bow tie pinned below my chin)

One thing's for certain though, there will definitely be stew tonight...


Now the airplane is surrpassed
the bomb is buggered off
the horses all under bonnets

Extreme sport is Financial
Dogs of Industry tickle the nerves of mankind
Flaying a dead donkey
Camels moan in their mountains
the forests are full of ferallity....the city song issues from
a couch, a bellyaching percussive yelp
NOTHING matters
Confusion is our hidey-hole
winkings out...phonetics in
heart strings relax
we're safe

In the charnel house the bones of the poet are set in shrouds


Bombed Walls/Letter Bombs

David Chirot Featured this Week at The New Post Literate

this week 's gallery feature the work of david chirot

This is a very amazing project of/ Michael Jacobson's' in which each week he features a different Visual Poet, Artist, Poet's pieces made with a sense of conveying their consideration of "what IS the new post literature" and also just what is asemic writing, or the role of asemic writing-- in relation with this?
Since everyone may well have different approaches quite various and wide ranging, the way Michael is giving a week each to the works helps present this swarming cosmos of possibilities--as an open one, rather than an apriori categorically divided and defined "New Post Literature" which is instead an area of excavation, investigation divigation and Anarkeyological Expo- and Explosivagation--




eclipse glimpse

handled safely bliss returned vast smeared colors born as black fly in fright
simply put it was screaming vomit tearing guts for salted eyes watching esthetic terror
shaped misbehave was lust for ever metallic sparks shaving minds tented lazy flesh without pleasure soggy wings tried to drag her down but never apart it could fact
ween was over as paragraph lost it’s own science in history as seconds
that’s how light’s architecture became dark after missed version predatory choice implementation ... etc bla bla bla we have seen it all, and so on it goes...
why afraid they are¿

x is x

classwar karaoke - 0007

Dear interested parties,
Two deeply-pleasant things in the offing during the next few days ...
classwar karaoke - 0007 survey to be published tomorrow, Friday 21st August 2009
This is titled as 12 DEAD HENS AT IPATIEV HOUSE, and features the film work, images and texts of twelve talented contributors, all of whom deserve your undivided attention:
Adrian Beentjes / David Cunliffe (UK) ... No Concept
Anthony Donovan / Jaan Patterson (UK/Germany) ... Ashes to Books [Fire to Words]
Autotistic (UK) ... F Mix 1-1
Fonik (UK) ... Faust Excerpt
Inferno Speedgown (Canada) ... Yearbook
Lezet (Serbia) ... Composition For Ten Hands
Murmurists (UK) ... Goya Moog For Ray Johnson
Pixyblink (USA) ... -1
Post Abortion Stress (USA) ... Bitten By a Spider
Ruela Pinho (Portugal) ... Dream For a Druid
Sean Reynard (UK) ... Humanman
Seesar (UK) ... Limited Sight Trailers
Please view images and texts via the classwar karaoke myspace - here; in the pics and blog sections, respectively; whilst the films can be viewed via the youtube page- here. This fine survey was curated and realised by Adrian Beentjes and myself. Thanks to Ad for all his hard work.
Vultures support Colin Potter (Nurse With Wound), Birmingham, UK, 22nd August 2009
Vultures is an improvising quartet based in London, UK; comprising: Dan Beattie (guitar/electronics), Matt Chilton (laptop/mics/electronics), Will Connor (percussion/objects), and Anthony Donovan (prepared zither/electronics/mics/objects). We're really pleased to get this fantastic gig! It's organised by Colin and others - under the auspices of Radio Black Forest - and also features lots of other fantastic acts. It promises to be even better for us personally, as we are joined by our great American friends, Post Abortion Stress - Robert Pepper and Amber Brien. This forms the first date in our shared European tour - which takes us onto Occii, Amsterdam, Netherlands (27th Aug); Avantgarde Festival, Schiphorst, Nr. Hamburg, Germany (supporting Faust) (30th Aug); Loophole, Berlin, Germany (1st Sept); Frik Film Festival, Skopje, Macedonia (3rd Sept); and Boat-Ting, London (7th Sept). Then, as Vultures alone, we play John Russell's Mopomoso night, at Vortex, London (supporting John Butcher et al) (20th September).
Here's what the organisers say:
Colin Potter (icr/nurse with wound) Colin Potter has been a key figure behind the scenes player in various scenes/bands and most famously in the shaping and production of steve stapletons brainchild, legendary uk avant garde act nurse with wound. Also a Frequent member and engineer on recordings by Ora, Current 93,Organum, Monos, Kiln. Paul Bradley, Jonathan Coleclough, Phil Mouldycliff, Bass Communion, Darren Tate. Colin runs the IC studio and runs icr distubution which has put out releases by the likes of andrew liles and far black furlong among others. His last lp, bad light(2009),a collaboration with johnathan coleclough is available through october music.. Lin Zhang. Lin Zhang has previously played at black forest before in the avant noise unit diva abrasiva. Lin, a particle physicist like other members of diva, he runs the grind sight open eye night in edinburgh. Expect abrasive drone attack! Psychedelic Desert. Hailing from osaka japan and invokers of drone landscapes...Their debut lp' keshiki ' is out now on Italys pharmafabrik records. Psychedelic desert play black forest as part of their uk tour. Colossloth (doom mantra records).Colossloth hails from leiscester and has just released his debut lp on doom mantra records, home of the also great blue sabbath black cheer. His style is unique, doom meets folk meets abrasive electronics meets what the fuck? Cities prepare for attack! Sci-fi stabs of sound coutesy of visceral guitar treated with fx..From minimalism to abrasive assault, cities.. is the project of Andrew , runner of birminghams 3rd program night which has been host to many prominent names in the noise/free jazz scene.. Dream dreams the dreamer. Matt snowden having played earlier this year with the dream dreams the dreamer orchestra is actively engaged with several projects. Improvisation which can go through the realms of folk, noise to doom and beyond... Vultures Having just recently collaborated with saranji master Sandeep Mishra and playing with nurse with wound the week after the event, vultures this time have recruited members of us band P.A.S. to broaden their sound. For fans of Z'ev and atonal based indust atmospherics.. Tusk Stuart Chalmers also known as skarabee and playing in the Ampersand trio(along with andrew and sam underwood aka glatze) has evolved TUSK, utilisng looping technology, rhythmic patterns are improvised utilising raw electronic tones. Like early spk on a day outing to alton towers? Maybe not... Hoofus Hoofus is the alter ego of Norfolk based musician Andre Bosman, and his music is a collision of bleeping blooping 8 bit melodies; sine wave frequencies twisting and rubbing against each other, oscillators humming and purring in an electro drone rock soup.Previous gigs include shows with Max Tundra, Knifehandchop, Why? and Subtle .Hoofus has featured on two split singles, both of were played on BBC Radio One, and has also performed a live session on Resonance FM. His debut album has just been released by Twitchy Eye Recordings, and has so far received airplay on Resonance FM and BBC Radio's On The Wire show. NoonMoos Alex and pez are the noonmoos.. Found objects are utilised with traditional percussion with a helping of garage rock bass in improvised madness... Iron Fist of the Sun Birmingham industrial music stalwart lee seafood has been gaining recognition in his latest guise, the sonic assault of iron fist of the sun.. Fonik The tireless purveyors of unpopular music, fonik ,return once more to black forest to inflict their aural psychedelic symphonics...There will be a special in-house guest band performing on the day too :) + maybe a couple of other surprises! :)
Unmissable! For more info go here.
Best wishes,


next 30 years, pyrexbakks

what's wrong with iron trees? the area is not sprayed then it's disappearing. c'est ironique.

it's blue wave high power dual 4 ohms wooingsets.

(allowed to take over) (war means war) (w/15" total copy system.)

grab. superworm and honda hi-pro food in sturdy plastic bags, remodeling the stars' bathrooms.

ockoo: early thursday morning block for the 6300 costumes of robin hood you ordered.

milksnake. dices. out of a brown ford fiesta.

the world trade organ went outside to take a break.

sagesse said double bag the garbage if necessary, each of you will take at least five years to grow, depending on the frozen containers trapped in the holy room of the creeks.

download midrange shit for free. beneath aquatic vegetation. coloured lights, orleans chicken, orlan pics, brand new, $175


Il poeta Dino Campana "plastificato"...

Il poeta Dino Campana "plastificato" e messo "sotto vuoto spinto" per conservare la bellezza della sua poesia e il ricordo dellla sua tragica esistenza. L.B.

on the rocks



akaša investigation

Opening Insanitory!

Aid Eight - Stereo Eyes extend to the World

Protocolorenimalettrist is always astonedal

But not aStendhal!

Print was observed by La man


And now EPP!

Known as Economy Propaganda at the End Program

Ls & Gs,

PD Flasses to purchase, for German PD Brille

You can choose between Hard Pardon and Soft Pardon

Beg your Pardon

What a Pardon! Oh Pardon...


Dimension of Polyphony Economy

Get you PD for every day

Out now

Near your vegetative Information Pantry


Back to Fitchen & to Airplane à la carte

Mundgerecht in mini Pieces

Vegetables for Akasha Corps

Belgian Cookies support the Table

You can eat without Bon Apé

Poenté Dot Com

Translated Se/ins Center

on the date to date
by frateR surrallee & undRess Béton

recently spoken (en garde)

do I have to speak out the word,

or was the word already taken by the suspicious thought?

we smiled

recently as I discovered the mentioned far site theory, wearing my task to leave,

the road was cleared by paths of her past.

rinsing wounds

apparently scouted as mantled order taken clown from aridanus flat tire visions had disguises,

but then as those that called her by the name

she of us were them stuck to labels as wasted furniture people’s advices.

shy provoke

meanwhile sipping the colors from the wall scratching my loose head barely that of such kind worth to mention

“regressive stanch rant flaws of speaking times as words recall your nothing” he said.

as for response

the curtain would just suite me right to leave my sight besides the vision of crkela & exon shuffling

however we were bound to make the call just as of now. he ran.

sparkling glamour of grease passing the route of the time’s measurement ,- faulty faulty I dare to speak…

when traveling the scale makes sense

we’d appear to be revealing scattered tiles of our shaded minds

- dead flowers wouldn’t reach the thought anymore.

she whispered.

slight tense…


what we easily found out

he didn't want to hurt his hands; he pistol-whipped some guy. you are a geographic trojan horse, he said. let me help you through my lunar landing unit. here's the policarpo democracy act.

download me, said the butcher dweller. the showcase has my name, mary. let's chew up a tank, heidegger-sized.

abandon me, love me, receive the gun, loaded and ready to fire. plant the monitors all around. they'll be java eaters. rattle the lamarck dice, your skull in the avid flowchart.

stand by me, don't leave me, please, using normal neuroevolution and bursts of blaster fire at the enemy.

be soft, sweet, luminescent. lie on the ground.

(preview laminating scam disorders) SadTurdalsoDay, Disgust 8, 2009

when traveling the scale makes sense

we’d appear to be revealing scattered tiles of our shaded minds


par ship


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