Click to preview book hi !!

This is a book about Caio Fernandes painting production of the last 11 years .
it was published today !
has 120 pages and you can see the first 16 HERE
or you can order a copy of this SITE

painting is the raw consequence of my life and dreams .


LEZET - 'Ransid' sPE_0005

LEZET - Ransid A suRRism-Phonoethics Release / sPE_0005
suRRism-Phonoethics presents you another fine gem
compiled by the mighty LEZET and will be loaded by the name 'Ransid'

A tribute to the C64!
all tracks written by Igor Jovanovic in 2009 (except for a portion of “Press Play on Tape” born out of a deck manipulation in 1996) I thank all the C64 composers worldwide & all the German cracking teams of the 80s.

"I participated in a compilation project of acoustic video game covers and it gradually turned me into a nostalgic bore to those around me ,setting the time back and reminding me of countless hours spent at playing the proots out of my very own indestructible c64 (got it in 1985,stopped playing it around 1994). The sensations and memories surged out with each and every game I revisited and it kinda gave me a clear idea of where the initial sparks of interest in music came from. I remember hearing "Smoke On The Water" for the first time as a kid and having said to my late father: "These guys stole this theme from Tim Follin and his "Led Storm"!". Seeing him laugh his heart out was a complete mystery. I was angry with him for the next 2 days..."
-Igor Jovanovic

Receive your eligible copy here:
or here: LEZET - Caged? (mp3 and covers)

Visit the master: LEZET





Andrew Howes - Radioactive Family /sPE_0004

suRRism-Phonoethics welcomes Andrew Howes

inflate your tires, re-wire your perception matters!
Andrew Howes ‘Kalistongue’
and his brilliant work runs by the name of 'Radioactive Family'

‘Andrew Howes quantum moves into noise level requiring
continue addressing to be able & find all quantum individuals,
gate errors has his none than comes in between
this can effect her qubit, but takes in order for smile transfers
to this ambience as necessity’
-André Pissoir

‘Et the 'is' is fault fragile 042308 this in general
together we execute passed the bichromatic control of two will A 0
a decoherence-free operate method execution pass optimal & how 2 plots in novel pressure,
but compressed we’d be able to say“!”’
-undRess Béton

listen here:

Andrew Howes - Radioactive Family by suRRIsm-Phonoethics_spe_0004

the magic of the commonplace

the magic of the commonplace
11" x 14"
acrylic paint - found images - paint pen - canvas panel
#1 in a (soon to be completed) series of 4 collages

.RR + daniel hintz

a.m.p. Records

add and return n. 20 with Helene Lagache

physical explanations without foundation are for the easily led. this for me is the anatomy of imperfection itself - an indoor game. i am here only to demonstrate this nascent fact. my human constitution demands that i at least try. hear this ... you misguided and ill-equipped pedants, you rabble, i am become law. i am become ethics. i am become animal of your inefficiencies. man is an object. meanwhile, i utterly and restlessly continue. my tastes will astonish you.


cle|Å|ve e le 'r

cle|Å|ve e le 'r

osiris trending ciphers dressed to fork pie

when so sue did her .- I wasn’t there.

a slick yes went .- pass appurged mentions

fell beyond any furniture appeared as “in between

her fellow traveling had arrived the infamous end unprepared to unleash the machine threatened

as wreaks became time put to pulp pillows.

he wasn’t aware, he also had been invited to be held as fruit table growing hair through eyes

‘spricKst do awK DeutSH’ I celled my nails, but as mentioned we had no chance to meet the deadline

as timelines dumped the scene.

cle|Å|ve e le 'r we so un-sued sueded gesproken



we named the label by it’s thread

folders tried to capture emotional trends

unfolded senses made good glitter watching the gap playing guitars with one eyelash.

fur operating systems made me comfy dropping my pants spelling the task.

behind the curtain they smiled like cans throwing up the bubble towards the trains.

hammered the drum the speed absorbed my tempo, BPM weren’t of count anymore.

heart covered threshold of explosions at char existence-

repetitions flunked her name.

wouldn’t you know, s/(the twisted matter) of the meaning behind knowledge

i’s see simple eye see only see do we what with thee

snoring doors waiting to enter the room with your opinion NOT

give this young man no signal!

i will die in front of your bed grasping for vegetables watching them cum all, she expelled to me.

as she always was trustworthy to my perception matters, it made me feel guilty- though I had to do it.

for the unrecorded way, to say yes, it was made to become walked by no temper controlled plastic fear

rather through exhibiting the point no; by enthusiasm trended purses being take away for gone.

hairy availables s s stays as treasure of the post scalp becoming her truth

am I depressed again by your matter

al mater

sometimes I spit your food ad absuRdum

lacquer dante we laugh remakeabre abreham

mother & child construction site you stink

father child & also sites stink

smell once the kruid of them 3 had visions, may you please clean the seat.

while eating potatoes and tv spoons remember I hard pressure steel my teeth

come on a high-heel knowledge, don’t spend time, - waste it as youRs!

cle|Å|ve e le 'r

threaten your region beltbuckle nose scanner I care alone,

er I meant I die alone being not funny-

think of the number under your foot it out a spelled the put on chen woe

political art, I heard talking about growth? playing serious, but not the game

it has no mum, what your forehead you call you mean I think nrw zoo come withtakewith

whatever that’s not the circle of terror, it is a toothpick on rage!

but what did I expect? I wasn’t being walking the line been me lining back on hands walks.

illegal donations underpants can’t count on you, when is the time passing seconds?

not even realizing my pen fighting flags of glorious sticks of magick respiration flats

notes spilled the whistle to the wall, chants of color became echoes as mirrors dressed to leave-

they saw you talking a long chat

sitery sitetree psyhfree psycherfy butcher spare free ribbed shirts barberCUE the tape

rewind call phunderella to step on toes while whispering names as telephone signals

,..: I don’t want to tell on you, but last sun you gave me a moon wasn’t like stars do it

cle Å ve e le 'r - undRess Béton by undRess Béton


Dear Interested Friends & Fellow Travelers,

we just closed to this way of submissions!
choose another one

André Pissoir


ABQ - Langsame Bratsche by suRRism-phonoethics_sPE_0003

ABQ - Langsame Bratsche by suRRism-phonoethics_sPE_0003
Recorded live at Sophiensäle Berlin by Marco Paschke.
Mixed and mastered by Marco Paschke at andereBaustelle Berlin.
Covers by Hopek Quirin. Released by suRRism-Phonoethics sPE_0003

"ABQ the threesome solid unit!
be prepared distinguished sparks
you will be flattered as you fly"
-André Pissoir

ABQ - Jochen Arbeit, Gerd Bessler, Hopek Quirin

ABQ - Jochen Arbeit, Gerd Bessler, Hopek Quirin - sPE_0003

Recorded live at Sophiensäle Berlin by Marco Paschke.
Mixed and mastered by Marco Paschke at andereBaustelle Berlin.
Covers by Hopek Quirin. Released by suRRism-Phonoethics sPE_0003

"ABQ the threesome solid unit!
be prepared distinguished sparks
you will be flattered as you fly"
-André Pissoir

ABQ are Jochen Arbeit, Gerd Bessler, Hopek Quirin.
- ABQ Live - sPE_0003 (click on the image)
or here for full album and covers .zip

'Joseph Boi' by Murmurists

January 16, 2010 - Saturday

Category: Music
Murmurists - Joseph Boi (front cover) / sPE_0002

is proud to announce first release... though the second kick off external but no joint release!
handle the short as wired,
threshold your companion through glasses…
one of the VERY important son of doings:
and his unrecorded trust of art 'Joseph Boi'

Ground Bursting Circuits Merry The Mass Survival- bless thy family
the kitchen avant may never meet their circumstances as it was truly off your health!

"Murmurists (Anthony Donovan) runs bicycles as water well.
when I tried I fell, when I enjoyed I dwell as son’s of goddess gestures"
-André Pissoir

"’Jospeh Boi’ a decision was made with spirit!
none addicted to manipulate,
it’s the mood as fact
which appears in this work of genius!
He’s the neXt ONE!
viva Murmurists!"
-Lester Béton

"hearts would be passed on like trust beyond matter of relatives, he’s one of those we do"
-undRess Béton

Receive your eligible copy here:
(direct link to zip: Joseph Boi)

Visit the master: Murmurists


acidic eye flaw

a sinuous iron wire
wrapped around the head
held a false eye against the socket


LEZET - Caged?

is proud to announce our first long awaited release...

make way and raise your glass to the initial!
LEZET and his fantastic album 'Caged?'

Piano Prepared Pieces- of finest heritage
re-rooted in counter-clockwise gestures pointing at you!

"Lezet (Igor Jovanovic) dreams right out of his pockets"
-André Pissoir

"he stole my cell,- i'm free now!"
-Lester Béton

Receive your eligible copy here:
(direct link to zip: here)

Visit the master: LEZET

Rear Window III

avec Thierry Tillier


please vote for Bryan Lewis Saunders!


Johnson City, TN Biography: On March 30th 1995, I started creating at least one self-portrait everyday for the rest of my life, and I have not missed a day since. At present I have over 7,400 of them and like fingerprints and DNA they are all different, no two self-portraits are the same. ...




surrism manifesto - secondo
click the image to download the PDF
- suRRism seCondo
also here

visit suRRism.com

Caduceus Fly

surrealists - surrism - caduceus fly


add and return n. 15 with Christine Tarantino

Little-known Czech surrealists meet French counterparts in Germany

Little-known Czech surrealists meet French counterparts in Germany

A German exhibition uncovers the work of Czech Surrealist artists from the 1920s to 1940s, juxtaposing it with pieces from the French scene. Artists from the period explored the relatively new medium of photography.

Jindrich Styrsky,


Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: Jindrich Styrsky, "Majakovsky's vest," 1939

Elements of surprise and non sequitur are characteristic of Surrealism, which began in the early 1920s and became one of the most successful artistic movements of the century. It was centered in Paris but influenced artists throughout Europe. A new exhibition in the south-western German city of Ludwigshafen is showing works from the period that span the European continent. One of the most prominent members of the Prague Surrealist group, Jindrich Styrsky, lived in Paris during the 1930s and had close contacts to the French avant-garde movement.

Karel Teige,


Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: Karel Teige, "Collage No. 196, 1941

In this collage, Karel Teige uses a female torso superimposed on a diving board while divers float ominously overhead like airplanes.

Miroslav Hak,


Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: Miroslav Hak, "In the courtyard," 1943

Many Surrealists chose to depict bodiless garments, evoking abandonment and estrangement. Miroslav Hak was one of the co-founders of Skupina 42, a group devoted to avant-garde art including Surrealism.

Eugene Atget,


Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: Eugene Atget, "Corset store," 1912

Eugene Atget photographed the city of Paris. Many of his images show reflections in shop windows of the time. His work was discovered by the Surrealists after his death in 1927. They considered his work a precursor to Surrealism.

Karel Teige, Collage No. 326, 1947


Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: Karel Teige, Collage No. 326, 1947

In this collage, disembodied body parts find their way into a street cafe where eyes, breasts and a hand decorate the furniture. Teige constructs poetic reality by absurd juxtaposition of images extracted from their original context.

Frantisek Vobecky,


Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: Frantisek Vobecky, "Artificial paradise," 1936

Vobecky's "Artificial Paradise" uses light, shadow and disparate objects in a dream-like arrangement steeped in eroticism.

Jaromir Funke, from the series


Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: Jaromir Funke, from the series "Reflexes," early 1930s

Jaromir Funke was one of the leading photographers in Czechoslovakia during the 1920s and 1930s. This print is part of his series featuring reflections, a favorite subject for Surrealist photographers.

Karel Teige, Collage No. 293, 1944


Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: Karel Teige, Collage No. 293, 1944

Karel Teige, one of the founders of the Surrealist Group in Prague, was a poet and philosopher as well as artist. He exploited the physicality of collage as a medium and created poetic reality with scissors and glue.

Emila Medkova, Bildunterschrift: Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: Emila Medkova, "Hair waterfall," 1949/1982

Emila Medkova's unique perception was based on incredible attention to detail. She believed that surrealism was a part of reality itself. Although Surrealism was forbidden under the communist regime in Czechoslovakia, she refused to give up her work.

Hugo Taborsky, Selfportrait, 1933


Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: Hugo Taborsky, Selfportrait, 1933

Surrealist photographers developed new techniques to push the medium beyond mere representation. Taborsky created special effects by heating the negative during the printing process.

The exhibition is held jointly in the Kunstverein Ludwigshafen and the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum and runs through February 14, 2010.

Author: Mariana Schroeder

Editor: Kate Bowen


par ship


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