a personification? but why? illness eats. virtue is eroded.

trends. you know us via them. we insert slithers of preset, invading. you are demoted, endlessly.

prior to traditions, paste & meaningless, was the IRKr, the VEXATION

Conspiracy Of Familiar Objects

Conspiracy Of Familiar Objects (Jon Shapiro, William Davison + guest Kevin Crump)
return after a year-long absence (first appearance since our show with Wolf Eyes, April 1/08)!

Wed. April 1/09
7-24 Video, 1530 Queen W. (at Fuller), Parkdale, Toronto
10pm door
10:10 Brian Random Answering Machine
10:30 Thrashed Jeans Acoustic show
11:00 C.O.F.O.
Andrew Zukerman DJ
11:45 show's over
PWYC (probably)
Der Vorschlag, daß die Angeklagten zu sprechen, ihre Meinung im Blog Situation war in erster Linie die Tatsache, dass die Dinge haben sich lieber für einen begrenzten Zeitraum, und beim Übergang in ein anderes Konzept. Problem kurzfristig, ich könnte.
Der Lage, die Frage ist die Parodie gefunden wird, wenn jemand von außerhalb des Kreises der Angehörigen der Angeklagten und der Gefährten Lesen dieses Blogs und ihre Ansichten zu diesem Blog, ausgedrückt. Ich dachte, dass es etwa, weil dieses Blogs ist (für mich überraschend) in einigen Orten.
Ich denke, dass das meiste, was ich zu sagen. In meinen eigenen Gefühlen, es ist ... Konflikt der Gefühle, würde ich sagen. Persönlich glaube ich, dass der Begriff benutzt wurde, zumindest für mich, glaube ich, muss viel mehr tun. Und selbst wenn die Entsendung von Spaß, dann. Weise, aber der Inhalt, bin ich auf das, was ich tue Empfehlungen im Moment. Ich weiß nicht, was du denkst, was ich hier posten (ich weiß, Sie wollen weiter oben), aber ich finde es mehr zufriedenstellend. Enthält, die andere Sache. Mai gesendet werden hier vielleicht, und ich habe das Spiel Variationen auf der Karte, aber anders als der Begriff.


Digital recycled face


dawn of the Scorpion touching palms

San Rios Del Rio South San ITA 's men of the South River St. River St. River men ITA South Rio Sao military hectares south of the River from the Castle Street Rios Rios and men. The military hectares in southern South River St. River St. ITA As men from the river and CNN found that the South Castle River hectares of men from the South to the Rio de Los Angeles de San Fortaleza ITA 'S The Del Rio South San Rios Santa ITA 's military men military hectares hectares of South Los Angeles del Rio de San fence, CNN found south of the Rio San Flüsse dead men Rivers der Männer der Männer Flüsse A has a mile from here Matar SOUTH Männer Oh, that U was the Castle of the Holy men of military S hectares ITA 's Oh that men would be street ITA aa ha ha ha a South Street, San ITA' s, U, and men have Ha ha ha aa aa South Street South Street, South Street, South San Männer me dead Flüsse monastery Männer Oh that men dead, the United Nations bus Flüsse der Lee of South River St. thousands of acres of the monastery South San Männer Flüsse Rivers of dead men dead, as CNN Männer Männer der Flüsse military männerrivers hectares of river and south of San Thousands of hectares of South St congee, Männer der Flüsse With the will of Men Rios congee, Männer Männer der Flüsse One thousand hectares of hectares San Rios Del Rio South San ITA 'with people from the South River St. River St. River people ITA South Rio Sao military hectares south of the river from the Castle Street Rios Rios and men. Military hectares south of the river St. South River St. ITA as people from the river, and CNN, that the South Castle River hectares of people from the south in Rio de Los Angeles de San Fortaleza ITA 'S Del Rio South San Rios Santa ITA' s military soldiers ha ha South Los Angeles del Rio de San fence, CNN south of the river Rio San rivers dead people people people Rivers has miles away Mataró South Oh people, that the underground palace in the holy men of military hectares with ITA 's Oh that men would street ITA AA ha ha ha a North Street, San ITA-A, U, and the people, ha ha ha aa aa South Street South Street, South Street, South San people died in the monastery of river men Oh, the dead men, the United Nations bus Lee Rivers of South River St. thousand hectares in the monastery of San River South River men, dead men dead men as men CNN military people from the Nile River hectares of the river and south of San Thousands of hectares of South St. congee, people from the river will men Rios congee, people from the river of thousands of people ha ha



Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart

Remember Me Diviniley a Forest

Dragging his parachute across the full expanse of the Milky Way in all its multifold dimensionalizing. He can’t bear to cross the cosmic street– if only he had landed on the down side rather than the up. Sometimes it’s just the act of remembering not to remember a fire or an electrical outlet or a wind storm from inside a cave or even the wormies burrowing squirmies through every point of fallow. But again with the mop and nobody’s sure why, all the dorky Neanderthals with their faces hanging out scratching their heads honestly trying to form the best alphabet they can, until the General Master Janitor bursts on the scene yukking it up with an old buddy, “that’s when I sure as hell learned that as well as looking both ways before crossing the street you damn well better look up as too...”
The sound fades into space dust across your chin now looking over that wretched parachute, your forehead now perspiring terribly somehow (you still have no goddam clue how you’re breathing in space– maybe you’re not, maybe you died aeons ago) as you try to swat away memories that buzz like flies. And how is it that space is so vivid, like that creeping curling plume of purple cloud stuff (if only you had taken an active interest in science with its white coats and beakers, if only you had taken an active interest in anything) and that chrome toaster over there yes that’s it! Just perched lonesome on the stump of what must have been a huge tree, at the center of a clearing of brush and Sequoias: you don’t even seem to walk there but drift only distantly of your own volition. When you get there then poppity out popping the yes what you need pop tarts, the most delicious pop tarts you’ve ever had!


kaLLi coLector

postcards from the usa: from "The Wrong War" to "The Right War"

How many dead will sate the hungry maw of Righteous Revenge?
How many must know that they "are going to have to pay--"
How many homeless, how many maimed, how many orphans, how many starving, how many tortured, how many burned, how many disappeared--
how many bombed hospitals schools road electricity generators water wells how many laws will need to be broken how much of the Constitution torn to shreds--
how much will it cost?
ask the "Contractors," the arms makers, the bankers, the corporations, ask the US Govt--
who will pay for it?
all of you!!!!!

but not "us"--

2001: Invasion of Afghanistan to destroy Al Queda and kill Bin Laden

2003: "the Italian Letter," "Curveball," & "artist's renditons" of "WMD"
prove that us is in eminent danger from the monster to end all monsters, Saddam Hussein

2009: huge Increase in troops munitions money and non stop drone killings of civilians--

"Al Queda is planning imminent attacks in the USA"--"we have proof"--

as Invasion of Afghanistan becomes a Major War and bombings within Pakistan an ever larger and louder accompaniement--

To Bring Into Being

Music composed & performed by Klimchak for a dance choreographed & performed by Lori Teague. This was recorded during dress rehearsal on 2/22/09 for the Evolution Project at Emory University. Camera work is by Anne Cox.

The music is performed on a home-built musical desk, which has marimba bars built into the top, a water-filled PVC pencil holder for gliss effects & an amplified aquarium in one of the drawers. All of these are run through a looper pedal & various guitar effects.

this bore of self

out in

all sorts of cool things since it touched down on the red planet a few months ago

bombay peaceville and sweet potato pies _ dorothy saying good-bye _ a nice little interview _ inexplicable joy _ processes are illustrated by the example of radioactive decay of the radium family isotopes _ it is your reference guide to 90210 episodes _ it's saddam's sadness _ sad adam says i got trapped by freud's mailbox _ fallout _ fall to a lower level _ the coffee tasted so rancid and bitter that one sip was more than enough _ she was going to be a policewoman _ her nickname was the phoenix _ the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil _ and the news keep coming _ nervous breakdown, nessie, net-neutrality, neuroscience hints, optical illusion, optimism, oral sex, zoo-based population of spider monkeys, inedible seeds, sulfadimethoxine 50 mg, the supreme court of brass cemetery prometheus _ a short trip to instanbul _ byron trampled under boots, he said you should come, and bring your friends, to sip vodka tonics against diarrhea soap's acarology _ whirlers and narrators suck, while decca stores get unwillingly crowded _ crowdness exhausts zephyr's polar morgue _ dilate eyes _ we were, first of all, looking for a place where we could grow _ if you will keep the vines in the almond bunker you'll see the patrols won't handle the guerrilla situation _ too tired to be ashamed of it _ planet descends into the star _ the martian troops stole sheep and butchered civilians _ brazil occupies trinidad _ halt tooth decay _ an orgy of werevowels _ intoxicated college students make sex with worms _ free audio clip here


666 dead sisters

Please send more fragments


I am conjugating again.

50 years and my passion for fragmentation has only grown more voracious...

My greatest delight is, of course, parsing.

I am running out of time and need.

Please send more bits.

Love aways yieLLdeth

So anyway, I don’t go into the kitchen anymore because the wife just stands there and beats more and more eggs all day, just stares off into oblivion– though she’s still very beautiful especially when the sunlight peers through the window in heavy sheets. Then Gary inevitably comes by with a head of lettuce and a bucket of fish guts that he always get angry about and dumps all over my carpet even though the house is on fire and smurfs keep sneaking in with the cutest little fire hoses to try to put it out– those smurfs that my son likes to stomp and collect up into a blender to make ungodly beverages to impress his bohemian friends by.
So anyway, the wife’s lost it and the other girls don’t talk to me even when I strategically place my bulbous and delicious cock in plain view and tell them truthfully about my past homosexual relations and the best way to avoid the spread of disease such as the Tango Lessons, the Moppy Hair Virus, and especially the Spontaneous Suspender Regrowth. For the most part they just avoid me even though I’m a genius who howls poetry at the moon from the top of the highest ant hill in my backyard while regurgitating fragments of fish that I’ve carefully slurped off the floor. Spongey Walters always tells me it’s not much of a courting gesture, but what does he know with his moustache, his mullet and that ugly fucking mint green flannel that he wears over his head half the goddam time.
So anyway, as you may have inferred the wife and I don’t have sex anymore and she’s been in that kitchen going on five years now. It has been expressly stated in very long paragraphs in very small print on single sheet documents that if she dies by fire, by smurf infestation or meteorite collision that the full possession of her eggs shall be passed to me. So I just bide my time under remote bridges, below the surface of lakes (where I can’t breathe), somewhere in a large pool of beads and, when I’m incredibly lucky, in Keith Moon’s bass drum...

Neopaganism (Å®t Øf £övë)


Cortical ciggarette. [for - Lee Kwo]

For example:

Floating adaptors of hysteria_

transitory bodies vibrating documents


Me awake at night, chroma catastrophe.

Anonymous smoke weeping different


ruthless proximity; blood, poverty and ill health.

zero music pulsed: darkness. Black anonymous rituals

compse particles. Dying negation

attests skitzophrenic/ disorder/ the coldest margin_



Maria Sabina...

I am the woman Book that is beneath the water, says
I am the woman of the populous town, says
I am the shepherdess who is beneath the water, says
I am the woman who shepherds the immense, says
I am a shepherdess and I come with my shepherd, says

Because everything has its origin
And I come going from place to place from the origin...

frag me ants 2


A e o l i c o n i c V a r i a t i o n #1/#2

Nobody,s stone-face-geSICHT-poem so wie es Litsa Spathi sieht

Madness Clings



taffy ether you pull with taffy fingers, salt waters eyes. either write writs for the soaring eggs, knife-edged regrets nine lives elapse this night. you’ll lilt nigh evers in etheric heats, hock coal for radiant ankles, incalescent bees.

in the corners evolve heated ribs, beestings and tsetse flies.

before cuckold was fuck, brusque cuffs ate this roseate cirrhosis. sidereal rites lilt dark interior ethers. all this tar parting fascia. near rents yell lit sisters, there’s gin and foxes’ pale etudes in the dark. nadirs ran egos. sidereal Octobers’ new heat, etc. nights sigh in their delirium tremens, nictitating the membrane that is you.

the new stars wallow ill, late and fetal, merelit stubs. dehatched.

you, over time.

naïve lapsing of ethers, rough kick to fat regions. rent, sere effigy

if her lilts end.


COLL@ged SUR-real-is-m...

40 New Works at chirotzer0 fotostream--


My photostream


My photostream

bipolar metronome

innenausbau by bipolar metronome, lesteRcoRds suRRism

get a copy from iTunes or from Archive

Gig: Improv/​Experimental:​ London UK: Saturday Vultures play The Foundry

Vultures play The Foundry, Saturday 28th March 2009

The Foundry, 84-86 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3JL

Featuring: Vultures, Ryan Jordan, J.M. Bowers, Ry-Om and Ampersand

Fantastic line-up; great venue; free admission



after Hans Sebald Beham...

Clara dearest girl, thanks, but I'm no deity. You're over-emotional. No bad thing; but the distortion which that state of affairs provides is not useful. In my view, this is often overstated in the general sense; but I feel, in your particular case, I must warn you of these problematic shortcomings. More reasonably, I am a flawed lady - just like you, and all others. But, again like you, I am trying to improve, like the Modernist I am at heart. Today, earlier, I was reading Wittgenstein, looking for nothing in particular, but therein I found the following: '...There is dominion and there is dominion-as-technique. The first suggests a lumpen mortality, with its chaotic ambit of emotions, foibles and weaknesses - all glorified, edified and personified by concerns for a fictive, illusory minority who manage the notion of completion as if it was dynamic, beautiful, and intriguing. The second is certainly alluring, even magical, in presenting morality as if it offered concepts commensurate with an occluded, secret amusement, or at least its related protectorate - the ignoble swarm, those archetypes without options...'. Yes, I know ... Greco-Roman, a little robotic. But even if the reverse is true, the same determinations apply, albeit simplistically modulated into lust for extremity on any terms. That's the detail. More importantly, you know I love you - and with an intensity which is both humane and animal. Let's retain that perspective - even whilst in the throes of passion. I dislike pillow-talk. But I'm not against some heartfelt truths unfurled in that context. Often, however, what you say there feels drastic and pointed; in positive ways, yes; but it smacks of control. There are shades of grey ... you know? These entail community and they invoke all the usual necessities - revealed as a continuum of sorts. Surely you want to continue? Precious, let's be good company. Let others be omnipotent; I'm not your CCTV. Please understand. Helena x

On one occasion their sublime realtionship got out of hand.



˜old crap·

channeled seizure conceived
by parent addressed punctuation

inverted during shifts of unpleasant nightmares
being rapidly pasted to frameless minds

without sense of misbehavior
during the visit
as the becoming error

through pleasant perversion is tainted white

the night would tie the air down to a low level of input

she seemed to reveal
the abandoned leisure of fusing the button
as to create the
duality of plants growing from below the root

the track of suburban passion and devotion

it came steady pushed
by levels of infinity
which would stop
to be existent
during the passage of belts being opened against pleasure¬

The Civic

The Civic

He walked by the delivery room
And saw three pregnant women
Reclining on padded tables

The Obstetrician called out,
"Stop - in here we need you"

The babies were long overdue
But none of the mothers had gone into labor yet

The doctor said that
she was "at a loss" and "struggling"
And the only way
That was natural and safe
To induce their contractions and dilate them
Was if the stranger
Engaged them
In sexual intercourse

While he undressed
The nurses
Adjusted the tables
For easy access

Then they shut the door
And swabbed
His penis

The objective
Was to not "get off"
And he screwed the pregnant women for hours
Staring off into space
Focusing all of his attention
On various inanimate objects
In the room
Respectfully avoiding their faces

It was his civic duty

And he never
Celebrated the births
Of the three

The HIDEAWAY Spectacular show INFO


par ship


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