PIOANOISTS and their poetry matters


The Last Word of Bubble Book is its First

And We ARe in/Durst/rial M 305

It is Dissoluted Right

You Implicate the Reverse Sentences

From Right Watch to the Left Watch

Ac/id Be Written in Bar Bar Book

You say Bar Bar like Right Left

Rubberd B.Book

We exploded 13 Baudrillard/Light/Years ago

Cause BBook were wiped from all Monitors

After that we had two Cigarettes in Hand

The Direction was Aurevoire Soirvoire

The Time of You Interpretouse & Tile

Alle Teile sind zersetzt

It was the First Fog

Crowley my Hole

You have to Be Geil

Who made Universe

You know Verse

Imagickal - Imvaginal

Anderé Button

He wanted to Comma

But We got a Point


Pioano Apres Middle of the Middle

We are Mobile Pro

We can not control Us

But We can control Pro

Pioano Dot your World

Over Authoromaticaly Study of our


All Virgin von BisMagistar

Star Safir

Saphier Optima

by Frater Surrallee & undRess Béton for akaša investigation II - suRRism


undRess Béton - thoughts about her (II)

undRess Béton - thoughts about her (II)

KOG (Zafer Aracagök & Anthony Donovan)

Dear interested parties
At long last, the.clinamen's inaugural work
has been released by the good people of White Label Music
KOG is the very latest in, what has been described as, Progtronica, in taking its leave from the very best of hard-edged industrial and electronic music, and shaping those attitudes into an expansive, ambitious and original work of over 45 minutes continuous play; whose narrative accesses and references ideas and concepts drawn from high modernist literature.
KOG is as brutal as it is beautiful, as danceable as it is fragmented.
Please go here to buy

the.clinamen are:
Zafer Aracagök & Anthony Donovan

Zafer Aracagök (aka, SIFIR) is an academic/musician who teaches art theory and continental philosophy at Bilgi University, Istanbul TR. He is the author of three books (in Turkish) and a number of articles addressing the issues of image, resonance and noise in continental philosophy and in the philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari in journals such as Pli-The Warwick Journal of Philosophy, Parallax, Third Text, Rhizomes and Symploke. His musical work is well received, released and performed both in Turkey and abroad such as, UK, France, Germany and Italy.
Anthony Donovan is an artist, musician, writer and academic - playing with the London, UK-based improvising quartet, Vultures; who have just completed a tour of Europe, supporting and collaborating with the likes of Faust, Steve Beresford, Philippe Petit, John Butcher, Z'Ev, PAS and Fullborn Taversham. Donovan operates the label, classwar karaoke, with Adrian Beentjes; which has released material by numerous musicians, including Colin John Conass, Bryan Lewis Saunders, Zoologic,
undRess Beton, Inferno Speedgown, Fonik and his own, Murmurists. As Murmurists, Donovan has been an ardent collaborator - work which partly finds a home in his Beneath is Translation project. A major work from this series, I Cannot Tell You Where I Am Until I Love You, is forthcoming from Guilded Throne Recordings. Donovan's long-running series of writings, dubbed 'items', can be found via
http://murmurists.blogspot.com Donovan is a recognised authority on aspects of Conceptual Art; and completed his Ph.D. at the Manchester Metropolitan University, in 2002.

from Gustav Deutsch to the world

lg / 01



The phenomena of information based knowledge..,
Great God as a non-believer
A freak binding representative of blasphemy.

Reverse that just for me (won't you)
In the realm of pure evidence

The results are dithering diplomacies...

These insurmountable piles of human emotion
Are blocking the absolving momentum
Thrust willy-nilly upon the fabrication
Of these bodies re-defined and multifarious

I listen close and intently to the gaps between and amongst
Those particularly emboldened orbs you use...
You use as conveyances of aptitude
And my heart bleeds into the funnel of verbs
Tumbling down within the all-but-damned nocturnes,
As an uttered and simple bliss

(scratch here and listen.., I feel it)



As (Parenthetical) Chemical God (written for keine puppé (no problem,) by undRess Béton)

What is meant
A Certain Stance on the Composure of these Iconographies
We may never know (we may never know)

Venture me this;
Deserving these brilliant digits of purity (from Aerial Beings-)
Acting as receptor for sound,
As is the verse devoid of meter,
A deafening taste of paradox
Touches the most complete minuet
Within minds ear, overt and minute

Let's begin again.
Utilities of the grand piano strike out
Of their own accord, yea
Neo(n) Antiquities Abounding, Resounding
Let out a scribble as
A process of hearing in healing is lesson appealing
To the Aural Etymology
Inherent in thee
As (Parenthetical) Chemical God

http://c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/6/s_0301e2174ec7422e954934a628c0b2c5.jpgundRess Béton

a Moon is not a Satellite (for the music, The White Nothing 4, by Reality Switch)

I roll up in a ball
Traveling backwards
Over myself quoting rhythm
As tragedian à la mode
With inexplicable revelation
Worth noting, my friend..

A Moon is not a satellite
It reveals nothing
As well as any face that shines
In age

A loss in the past
Equals a breath in the presence-
I give you my definition glinting
Of the Moment

("The White Nothing 4," by Reality Switch can be heard here simultaneously)

keine puppé (no problem)

keine puppé by undRess Béton

Drunken Boat | 10 | Spring 2009

Drunken Boat | 10 | Spring 2009

her too

rasta béton


Performance für Ritter, Tod und Teufel...

Kleider-machen-Leute - Performance für Ritter, Tod und Teufel...by Litsa Spathi

Jan Švankmajer ....



tony said so to anthony

tony said so to anthony Friday, October 23, 2009

master and his voice

compiled as since dear letters pants dried
went store fronted no circumstance but circumcised bargeld she said


An Evening of Free Improvisation and Classical Indian Music

Steve Beresford, Dan Beattie, Matt Chilton, Will Connor, Anthony Donovan, Sandeep Mishra, Alpesh Moharir.

Sandeep Mishra hails from the renowned Sarangi Gharana (school) of Benaras, India. Trained by his grandfather Pandit Narayan Das Mishra and his grandfather Pandit Bhagwan Das Mishra - the world renowned Sarangi maestro - and his father Pandit Santosh Kumar Mishra. Sandeep has added new innovation and style to his Sarangi playing by blending a contemporary approach to this traditional instrument without forsaking its purity. He is a versatile performer collaborating with musicians from different genres and styles all over the world. His performance is well reflected in his achievements in the field of Shastriya Sangeet. Sandeep has made an endeavor to revive the ancient style of this soul-touching instrument, the Sarangi. He learned the 'tantakri' and 'gayaki' style of playing Sarangi from his father and has practiced it since his childhood.

Steve Beresford has been involved in free improvised music since 1971 and composed, produced and performed in dozens of genres, including dub, pop, Bollywood, chamber music, music for feature films and TV. He performs experimental music internationally and performs regularly on the very active London scene. He has been the conductor and pianist for The London Improvisers Orchestra since its inception ten years ago. The line-up includes saxophonist Evan Parker, trumpeter Harry Beckett, drummer Tony Marsh, pedal steel guitarist BJ Cole, and others. He has also collaborated with many improvisers, including Satoko Fukuda (violin), Jason Yarde (saxophones), Lukas Simonis and John Coxon (guitars), Roger Turner and Mark Sanders (drums), Alan Tomlinson (trombone), Leila Adu (voice, piano), Hannah Marshall (cello), Sharon Gal (voice), and many others.

Alpesh Moharir was trained by Guru Shri Guru Shri Sudhirkumar Saxena, who is considered to be the doyen of Ajarada Gharana. Later trained by Guru Shishya parampara he completed his Master's in Music (India) and is now doing research in rhythmic patterns in the UK. He has played solo, accompanied many senior artists and participated in many musical festivals in India and the UK: UK Drum Fest, GW Festival, World Music Festival, Northampton Festival and many more... He has performed on BBC Radio at various events. Although trained in Indian classical music he has played many musical forms: jazz, African, electro, rock and folk music. Currently he is involved in teaching and performing in the UK and has begun a project called "AAVARTAN", specially designed for Indian-Western percussion fusion music for schools and colleges across UK.

Vultures is an improvising quartet from London, England; consisting of Daniel Beattie, Matt Chilton, Will Connor and Anthony Donovan. Working across the fields of music, visual art and film, its members take influence from industrial, post-rock, free-jazz, avant-classical and noise, to create a new hybrid that seems somehow to be organically formed. Vultures has a fearsome live reputation; both in its own right and in collaboration with the likes of Steve Beresford, Z'ev, PAS, Sandeep Mishra, Ampersand and Philippe Petit. A recent tour of the UK and Europe included support to Faust, Nurse with Wound, John Butcher, Adam Bohman and Fullborn Taversham. Vultures represents a vital new direction for post-improv music, marrying elements of doom-drone, 'extended technique' percussion with household objects, cracked electronics, stabbed zither, and esoteric light-reactive software to create an unholy new sound for lovers of the avant-garde.

19:30 30th October 2009
The Nave
1 St Paul's Road
N1 2QN
£10 / £5 tickets available on the door or in advance from www.thenave.org

Lachplatte mono pol

"Lachplatte mono pol = Kleider machen Leute" - Inter...action between Gema & Nobody alias Litsa Spathi

The Unveiling!


Monday, Oct. 26, 2009, 10pm
at The Ossington
61 Ossington Ave.

"Unveiling #1"
Hosts Robert Dayton and William A. Davison unveil the latest and never-before-seen (until this very eve) creation of artist and musician Drue Langlois!

They will be auctioning off this masterpiece with minimum bid starting at just 50 dollars !!! A low price for this amazing work by this important artist...

This will be followed by a soiree/party!
ONE-NIGHT-ONLY! So if you want to bid and possibly attain this never-before-seen stunning curiousity, you best attend! Even if yer broke, you do not want to miss this opportunity of UNVEILING (and we-as the only eyes besides the artist that have seen this work- guarantee that this work is amazing....)
At The Ossington, 61 Ossington Ave., Toronto
Free admission

"The Unveiling" is a new series of one-night-only soirees/exhibitions, held monthly (more or less) in the back room of The Ossington Bar, which playfully reinvent a romantic and antiquated concept - that of a single artist "unveiling" their latest creation for a gathering of colleagues, collectors, critics, and cultural elite. The series is organized and hosted by local artists/curators William A. Davison and Robert Dayton.

The series kicks off on Oct. 26th as "Unveiling #1" presents the latest soft sculpture/doll creation of artist, comics creator, animator, musician and former Royal Art Lodge member Drue Langlois. Please note that the artist will not be present at this unveiling. However, Mr. Langlois has given the organizers explicit instructions on how to present his work, which Messrs. Dayton and Davison will execute in their own inimitable style.

For further information, feel free to contact The Unveiling's hosts William A. Davison and Robert Dayton.

William - davison(at)recordism(dot)com
Robert - moustachedpainless(at)yahoo(dot)com

Many thanks to Jubal Brown/Intervention Mondays and The Ossington!

- William A. Davison (and Robert Dayton)

Kleider-machen-Leute - Performance für Gott...

"Kleider-machen-Leute": Nobody's Performance für Gott...fried Keller


undRess Béton on Jean Table


Air Trafficking

On the days when it was busy
Windy windy
The drug dealers had all their
Throw paper airplanes
And then they saw where the paper airplanes went and then they'd all
Get off the buses with real paper airplanes big ones
With cocaine attached to 'em and they'd launch 'em off everywhere but
A lot of cocaine got lost

This Was My Prison

A Public Thing

It was a public thing
That people did
Like walk around the mall
In circles
Just walking around and around
And around and then it got
Real dangerous
With all these people out to get
I was pretty good at it
Sometimes people could
Follow me



"oXoX LA CARD"- visual poem by Litsa Spathi


the same as


Destructive Magic

Destructive magic
And decay
Put posters up
In the
Street window today

I was lucky I had an instructor help me
When I was skin
To physically stretch out my sex problem


Oct. Drawing Party!

First drawing party in a couple of months (!) this Monday, Oct. 19th, 9pm - 12am (or later) at The Ossington, 61 Ossington Ave., Toronto. Bring pens, pencils, paper, good vibes, wicked imaginations, etc.

- William


Let mee drarw yor atention too

n.e. tiresian. (threat offer) as [sic]ness




filmed but spectacle / anarchical persuades to projects

The (a left it’s gaps / itself filmed but spectacle ]

his tradition to certain detours will cause styles that are defunct

with scaffolding or such objects as your current look:

and, -

motives shocking careful / makes them End for time

most begin as use to make construction sorts & forms useless

environment / et aliae

a prow emotional détournement

such as said pro-fascist dynamic fell sort of self suggested

in only of which are related french-style

fanatical baroque architectural,

those that for constant masses often apply savor desert privileges

in case of studies

tender evaluation

an in is rather assertive out

the cause had admirers parks

the gardens of your ideas leaving charm to have arrangements existing past

sculptural light in cranes behavior seems like his architectural underwear

though used as any boat made of elastic architecture torpedo

possibly made of things stuck to her monument

however, case that line.

that experimental stage, that not had detourned, conceived a book

that ‘We’ & his body without as age pregnant as most straight humans have named it

all and extent that as just as well spelled this swine to the other extant point

as an propagated furniture has aside of in complex new patriotic spectacles

causing this all will replacing metal

automobiles & success transporting the context

urbanism utilitarian capitalist contradicting the progress

abundance psychogeographical bricks

future society & its police

‘most the astonishing that propaganda’



And soon all that useless parlance wound down to a teeny, tiny little insignificant roar.


comment on André Pissoir's 'in deboredom'

"i know it's hard to decipher,
but if you're willing to wear diapers again,
you may be back in time!"

comment on André Pissoir's 'in deboredom'

Self - Portrait

sla..ch..T..offer = vic...T...im

"sla..ch...T...offer = vic...T...im" - visual poem by Litsa Spathi


fluxing..o....mega & fluxing F...&...X

fluxing F...&...X...&.. - visual & Fluxus poem by Litsa Spathi



'poets are pure justified impossible meaningless statements of enlightenment,

being passed as answers to the unrecorded letters of questions...'

-André Pissoir "as we got lost 10 000 years ago"


par ship


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