no purpose

the wet one


The Hermetic Tradition

Tom and I cut the hearts from Pharaohs
in the dust of day
We have been too lenient
We have been too understanding
And while I would like this six-inch blade
excavated out by Nag Hammadi...
"Why do you suppose the sphinx has those erosion marks at the base?"
She will rip you apart
I have seen it
What do you know about amulets,
the ones they lost by the whale?
We were willing to dig
Were you?
(Tom just shrugs because he already knew about the whale)
But Sidney came crawling all the way through the desert
just to let us know that without daring men remain small
"More to the point, who is this Tehuti?
I don't get it."
About that, we must remain Silent

The bait

Stahlmusik "Gott sei's getrommelt"

"Gott sei's getrommelt" mit
N.U.UNRUH (Einstürzende Neubauten)
23.05.2009 - Oberhausen (D-46047) - CHILL-DA HALLE


seeking only friends for on line chat. no admirers. and uk only. i need to sleep in my bed, in a home. but i'll just post this much. time to refresh emotions. physicly i,m normal. five feet six. blu eyes. blond. probably i miss opportunitys of work. i can,t sleep. today i haven’t been able to doze off to sleep, yesterday was just same. can i be showing survival? i think of road side bombs and instant death for others. it wakes me up. an american military prepers my future. just like you. the iraqs and afghani months of war. not as far away as they say. i,m not prepared and you are not. the president was interviewed and is military. i cannot deal with those conflicts as they seem. some thing of death.

Maybe we haven't made ourselves clear about what we are seeking here. First of all, we are not looking to become part of some extended relationship which prioritises means over ends. That seems to be the way on this site. But it isn't ours. So, we're in the minority - as always! Any life, we feel, is worth valuing. We have that desire a priori. Managing anything else - even as a passing idea, and even out of some supposed political necessity - is tantamount to functioning imperfectly well, albeit, we know, in the real world, yes; but without judgement, without the support and encouragement of utter connection itself. It's about principles, we believe. Our thinking on this - as it directly relates to the mores and foibles of this particular site - might be at an early stage, but we believe in finality, just as we appreciate that all things are in dialogue. As such, it is only a matter of dedication, and some minor research, before we discover for ourselves how to stay in touch.

Best wishes & good luck.

Helen & Cassy x x



postverbal cyborg by Jaan Patterson

we wanderers

I'll re-write this profile when I can. I know it doesn't say enough to prompt any exchanges. But, for now, I'd like to respond to a kind message I received this morning from a site moderator. I’m feeling empowered by the facts as I see them, you're right. I'm glad it shows. Really, I suppose I'm attempting to surrender my dependency to them, as a moment of effective indecision. You second-guessed me. More exactly, I see it like this, though: before I became a life I had died. The remainder, as far as I am concerned, is neither necessary to my confidence nor license for any convenient generalities by which I can become still more confident. I gained my freedom in the same place as I gained my connection to this continuum. In my time, there's been a lot of blood, and I'm probably damaged. I don't think my body can handle more... until yesterday that is. I'm not trying to confess here, anonymously, like a tease or a coward. I do intend telling the police. Just not yet. I need to enjoy a bit of collecting first. It's all the same, anyway.

cibernetic family


Dali's Moustache


Uma risada

de safira na ilha de Ceilão

As mais belas palhas

Têm a cor esmaecida

Na prisão

Numa fazenda isolada



O agradável

Um caminho carroçável

vos conduz ao desconhecido

O Café

roga por si mesmo



um par

de meias de seda


não é

Um salto no vazio


Antes de tudo o amor

Tudo poderia acabar tão bem

Paris é uma grande aldeia


o fogo incubado

a oração

Sabei que

os raios ultravioleta

terminaram seu trabalho

bom e rápido


Vermelho será

O cantor errante


na memória

em sua casa



O que se fez, o que se fará

From "Surrealist Manifesto", André Breton, 1924

me(a)nt at ion

fullness of light

Learn Nothing Just Fill

I like walking
through these walls
unfolding these
slimy things,
these grimy things,
these eyes, these features,
Unfolding them,
folding them up again
and putting them
in my mouth,
Let their juices
run down my chin.

True, as a child
I ate worms
not with malice of forethought
or murderous intent –
They were
squirmy spaghetti
and faces were moons
and meteorites

When you are barely a little concept
footnotes are posted to dreams
for future referencing.

Filing is not objective
I leave a trail of
half-chewed torsos in my wake,
pick skins out of
my teeth.

Saturn ate his children
but I have eaten him
and am trying on
his rings to see if they fit.
I stuff satellites into my ears
because I can.

Understand, I don’t create
I take and eat
and walk through walls
because I am
picking my way to
the other end of
Was on here previously (2006/7) as iwilnevrlieagain1971. Still not quite sure what I'm looking for. I know it isn't enough to say that the inferno takes my breath away, and that its practicality leaves me feeling depraved. But I want to join in with those that do. They seem empowered. I want some of that. They affect me. Isn't that defensible? I get moved, and I'm whacking off right now, fist piercing, frontal. Oh, and I'm kind of spiritual in my appetite for such guarantees of self-destruction. So that's something I can say is mine. Physically, I'm fairly slim, just 42, but I look younger. I don't believe any relationship can be defined simply as the evolution of preternatural familiarities. I'm hoping this profile will attract attention. Take care and good luck. Knot


Hybrid Eve



Por El Rey Ray-Jay: from Homage Ray Johnson --Ongoing--Sins Limites-


actually he was a scientist

Howdy ghost oh
went howdy because and I can't remember (can't remember)or did you think he wasn't a scientist?
question mark
Or as it has otherwise been stated (somehow stated) in large patterns
patterns great in scale
in scale
felt that they wouldn't really like hanging around Craig anyway
It was like piano music on
or did he say wire?
he say
Grunger went badly so they thinked what pinked
no question mark
For it's the wrong inappropriate time to be timing an appropriately inappropriate act?
(don't answer that)
But here comes the
comes that Sandy girl all sandy on beaches reading a reader read
a red dress very proudly of
Go around the back!
Always knocking goddamn knocking for nobody ever
why did he believe what the backdoor said?
was mahogany okay?
Or the beach or because and I do mean well that is to say
is to say scientist very loudly
scratch very proudly the lion or it was or as they did imply with their best thinkers thinking thoughts foot forward that (did he say Walt Disney?) would especially expect a white
a very bleached white
what was it?

after Lorca after Spicer



who laughs

A brief note about situational-coherence ... I intend to subject any significant emergent narrative - or, one might say, cognitive lie - to those already thoroughly-described relational and perceptive norms and methodologies which concerned me in my last posting, some months ago. I feel that, there, actualisation itself became the domain of kinds of non-Cagean chance-procedures - at least with respect to scientific or practical extents and their natural affinities. I identified at most six times six times six of these. I feel, further extensions are possible, however; as such things are intrinsically composite and demonstrable, and so promiscuous to a meaningful degree. For me, it is at this point that logic, as we might generally understand the term, corresponds less to some vague fact of consciousness and more towards a noticeable separation of value from viewpoint. In other words, the context itself stinks, you shitheads. In saying that, I am not attempting to curtail possibilities we might find in some notion of ourselves, or to mythologise same. No, I cannot be seeded. Nor can I be wondered-at. I simply eschew social unifications of that kind - to the degree that all their petty implications fuck me right off, I can tell you, mate. Genesis? Don't make me sick. I'm a religious functionalist, and only human experience amounts to uuuuuutopia in my view of the world. Envision ... d Derrid ahh, of reality, why so serious, of Algeria. F's Northern Ire/(every layer represents. Every layer toils.) I cycle.

from "to" to "from"

she'll be impatient to clone "the black" and "the blue".

lick the parking ticket. it's the new drug.

t.s.eliot already did it.

not so new, dear.

the causes of death have not been determined.

please, make a guttural sound. this' a twin-engine plane



Alien beings capture Naples

I've always worked. For almost 10 years, I trained the populous to accept new systems of thought. By mixing professional rhetoric with obscure governmental procedures, I was able to appropriate progress itself as an unassailable formal starting point. Even so, I seldom saw the changes I personally desired. In the end, it came to me, that the only way to continue was to do so unilaterally. So, here I am, with my own institutions. Now, I enter those same colleges and schools this time looking for finality; all the while talking my charges into academic circles. The physiological principles I use are touted as a "fantastic voyage", incomparable", "global". Nothing I do is strictly legal, however. But authority views training mechanically and I am well-connected. Scientists fear me and I am hidden by routines.

Last year I made more than my father did in his lifetime.

I log on here as devildeepbluesea.


from series "An Art of Looking"

another topography of a lost second

he decided to hence, so the rest already did try to do cancel.
fortunate sample was times as they also noticed colors-
while realizing the wait the step was caused!
larry was out of reach…
could wanting to deceive a mission?
ranting cause trashed ‘bangs’

blu and er

Give Wings to Your Dreams


Cultural Forensics

photo by jonathan dewdney

In Memoriam

"In a completely sane world, madness is the only freedom
~ J. G. Ballard

Madness the Scientist

End breaker the thief the theft breaker he pronouns until get your damn hands off of me!
Liquid dissolve she I solvent for never tangible elsewise a rainbow ride
By the arrow
Then again we said it
Then an egg you said it
For rib I don't get won't get hard shell bent don't fresh don't get it
Elsewhere acid
elsewhere broken beaker theft don't off the table won't fabled as it goes that madness the scientist went broken
Hop hop a bloody foot
Sharp incidents do hip happen
do chirp captain on the where for tarnation did the pirates come from?
We won't know unless a swan


'his outward earth'

Diary'shy globe, rub it to revel it...

D is O is L is L


Fall under her spell

Scarring Sorry

Is bend enough when you come back around
back around?
What sort of sad lot a sad lot
a sorry of circles?
Then again
It has been most sorely proven that and with great pleasure how we present you that can't one ever get a sandwich up in this place?
four sacked;
Who doesn't believe in everything he hear?
But how can you get together triangle
get together triangle with her melting altogether
melting she in your hands?
It takes exactly:
1 Rake
2 Crowbars (one for before and one for after)
1 Catapus (no questions asked on this one, it's better that way)
1 Very very large garden, at least 250x250 km


par ship


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